Cluny Sisters : Province of USA and Canada
Women bringing hope and compassion to our anquished world
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As Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny in the Province of USA and Canada, we are called to bring hope and compassion to our anguished world. We commit ourselves to the transformation of our world through communal contemplative prayer and to make the difficult choices which will release the energy and gifts of each sister for mission. (Assembly 2002)

Flowing from the Mission Statement, the Assembly of 2009 affirmed the following DIRECTION STATEMENTS:

We commit ourselves, at a personal, communal and province level, to work towards the liberation of the unfree. We begin with ourselves, our communities, and our associates. We direct our efforts in a special way to: Education, the Environment, the issue of Trafficking and the issue of Race / Class Discrimination. (Assembly 2009)

Affirming the gift of our Cluny Internationality, we commit ourselves to dialogue with the Generalate in discerning the future; a continued response to the needs of the mission; advocate for NGO status for the congregation; and to expand our present relationships with other Provinces. (Assembly 2009)