Cluny Sisters : Province of USA and Canada
Women bringing hope and compassion to our anquished world
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Striving to promote ...
peace, justice and the dignity of the human person

Cluny Sisters have a MISSIONARY CALL and are thus in mission around the world ... standing in solidarity with the ‘other’ wherever there is a little good to be done. We seek:

  • to know and do the Holy Will of God through discernment and total availability
  • to sow seeds of hope and compassion reaping a harvest of liberation and justice
  • to be a sign for our world through community life ... a place of personal growth, spiritual support, conversion and pardon, discernment, shared mission and caring.
  • to be grounded in prayer and contemplatives in action ....
    celebrating and nurturing our relationship with God in many different ways.


Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey, Foundress
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